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April 2014
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 Rules and Regulations of The Forerunner Guard

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ADV Arbm

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations of The Forerunner Guard   Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:59 pm

Quote :
Forerunner Guard Code
1. All members must follow all Rules and Regulations at all times, regardless of the behavior of those around them.

2. Violation of the Rules and Regulations can lead to probations and discharges. Violation of the Rules cause a bad reputation for the Forerunner Guard, and its members.

3. If a member violates the Rules and Regulations, notify your commanding officer. If your commanding officer violating the Rules, notify Captain Arbm. Wait until after a match, practice, or tournament, to notify someone of the violation.

Quote :
Part 2: Loyalty

1. There will be no "double duty". If you are a member of the Forerunner Guard, you may not, under any circumstances, be in another clan that is Halo related.

2. All personnel must wear the proper emblem at all times, including the proper colors of the emblem, according to your FireTeam codes. If you are caught wearing another emblem that is not the official emblem, consequences will follow.

Quote :
Part 3: Respect

1. Treat every member with respect, as well as any one you meet while on Xbox Live with respect. Every player we encounter, regardless of whether they are in an enemy clan, in a different clan, or a lone wolf, will be treated with upmost respect.

2. T-Bagging is not allowed under any circumstances. This action creates an immature and improper reputation for the Forerunner Guard, its members, and affiliates.

3. Profanity must be kept to a minimum, regardless of the behavior of those around you.

4. No racism, sexism, or discrimation of any kind will be tolerated under any circumstances.

Quote :
Part 4: Responsibilities

1. All personnel must attend all clan functions unless a valid reason is provided at least the day before.

2. All orders from higher ranked members must be followed. If you believe there is a problem, wait until the match, practice, tournament, etc., is over, and then notify Captain Arbm. Do not argue with an officer in a clan match, practice, tournament, etc., under any circumstances.

3. Maintain activity on the forums and Xbox Live atleast every four days, if you cannot do so, request a Leave of Absence beforehand.

Quote :
Part 5: Disciplinary Action

1. With the first violation of any of these rules, you will get a warning.

2. The second violation will result in Probation for a month, in which no violations shall occur, or it will result in a dishonorable discharge from the Forerunner Guard.

3. Captain Arbm has the exclusive right to alter the Rules and Regulations at any time.
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Rules and Regulations of The Forerunner Guard

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